Aster Cucine is one of the leading manufactures in innovative designs of kitchen cabinets in Europe. Deeply pervaded by a “service oriented” philosophy that has developed a comprehensive company-product-distribution system geared to meet fully the aesthetic and functional requirements of each individual customer. Painstaking care is taken to produce top quality products with an innovative design, and all our projects are supported by a network of highly qualified staff who knows how to design kitchens with the utmost professionalism. Established in 1983 in Pesaro, Italy, Aster Cucine is today a young and dynamic Italian kitchens manufacture, always ready to interpreter the new trends in the market in terms of product and service. Today Aster Cucine is recognized for quality manufacturing, advanced technologies high-design of kitchen cabinets. Aster Cucine cabinets collection includes traditional, transitional, contemporary & modern kitchen cabinets.

The shape of our designs is born from strong feelings. Design is the language that makes manifest ideas and passions. For only in this way may we create collections that are rich in mystery, sensuality and intimacy. Telling a tale, lending each story a physical and material form. Each of our collections is the child of a story of old, every design tells a tale. We create kitchens as kitchens are at the heart of every home, the one piece you can never be without, but we have taken things a step further. We have transformed our kitchens making them not so much “irreplaceable” as “irresistible”, this is what we have made our true mission. Being irresistible. At Aster we have moved our goals to focus on our clients. Our mission is to create fabulously irresistible designs. Showing our skill at creating attractive designs that are sure to arouse strong feelings. Ours is an economy of “attraction”. We are all attracted to the familiar. A strong empathy with our clients is what inspires us. Which is why all of our collections have tales to tell, and why we are influenced by the times we live in, and by those who choose our products.


There are so many different collections, elements and materials we can transform. With thousands of different surfaces. These are our “MATERIALS” Our world is filled with feelings, emotions, tales to tell and even dreams. Our “MOODS”. Modern, Traditional, Factory, Transitional, Luxury Glamour is all this and so much more. Taking materials, using them to truly tell a story. A story that’s unique, our story, your story A story that may be traditional, or modern or Glamour, or one that’s a tale of travel, or one of Transitional or you can go for an Urban-Loft style, where raw materials feature as the star in our “MOOD” Factory We have designed a range of collections that are completely open, everything is there so you can create your very own brand of magic. The kind of magic we like to call “Design Thinking”



ASTER TODAY. MAKE IT PERSONAL The word mood can have many different meanings. A mood can be how we feel at any given time. The prevailing emotion conditioning all of our choices. Telling the tale of each different mood, describing moods, picturing them, using design to make moods manifest, bestowing a gift that will be […]

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Born in Terni in 1975 and graduated in architecture at the university of Florence, Lorenzo Granocchia  workwd and collaborated with Studio Castiglia Associati, where he trained professionally devoted to experimental forms, techniques and materials of the product Industrial and construction of stands following a process of integral design. In 2000 he founded his own studio, […]

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ASTER WELCOMES “CS TALKS 2016” BY URBAN HOMES IN NEW YORK. The award-winning New York City showroom Urban Homes, exclusive dealer of Aster Cucine in the Big Apple, hosted one of “CS Talks 2016” meetings, organized in November by Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, recognized leader in the promotion of luxury residential development. Among the participants, many brokers and real […]

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    here’s a lot of Aster in the projects of the ‘New New York’ that are taking the front cover of the December issue of National Geographic Italy. The company based in Pesaro has realized the interiors of the most relevant buildings that are re-shaping the skyline of the Big Apple and that have […]

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