A hight-impact set, where refined elegance plays with a metropolitan style: this will be the show welcoming people at Aster Milano Duomo from the Milan Design Week onward. Thanks to a special installation on Factory, Aster will celebrate its new partnership with Novacolor, a boutique company of high-level decorative finishings. A wall made with the exclusive “Archi+Concrete” material, which is able to reproduce the same effects of cement with appearance of soft yet vibrant colours, according to the most up-to-date trends in interior design. The perfect match for the concept of a kitchen working as creative laboratory, where authentic emotions are born from materials and the space opens to imagination.With Aster’s flagship store, Novacolor adds a new location to give life to its creations, during the Milan design week: the company will be on stage also inside “Materials Village” at SuperDesign Show (Super Studio, via Tortona) presenting the new project #DesignForThePeople.